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Finite element methods for saddle point problems

011420, SS18
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MAMA:-:7:MAT-702 – Finite Element methods f. flow prob.
WIMAMA:-:7:MAT-702 – Finite Element methods f. flow prob.
TMAMA:-:7:MAT-702 – Finite Element methods f. flow prob.
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First lecture: 11.04.2018, 12.15 h, M511
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Linear algebra, linear functional analysis and a basic knowledge of the finite element method.

This course aims at providing an introduction to the classical theory of saddle point problems and their approximation by finite element methods. Possible applications can be found in different areas like, for instance, continuum mechanics, fluid dynamics and in electromagnetic problems. In particular, saddle point formulations are often considered to to relax critical constraints and/or to provide an accurate approximation to physically relevant quantities. Starting from the seminal works by Babuska and Brezzi in the early seventies, several theoretical aspects have been clarified through the years and many families of methods have been proposed. We shall provide an introduction to this wide field, discuss the most relevant notions and prove some classical results. We will also illustrate the theory though the construction and analysis of some finite element methods for the Stokes problem, the saddle point formulation of the Poisson problem and the linear elasticity problem.


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