Prof.Dr. Peter Ehrhard


The Laboratory for Fluid Mechanics (SM) within the Faculty of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering (BCI), at the moment, is investigating a number of basic and applied fluid-mechanical problems. These could be collected below the headers two-phase flows: a. spreading of liquids on (rotating) substrates, b. rising gas bubbles in liquids and (local) mass transfer (with F. Peters, RU Bochum), c. interaction of solid particles and (laminar) flows (with P. Walzel, BCI, MV), d. two-phase flows in water treatment plants (with FZ Rossendorf), e. two-phase flows in wet flue gas treatment devices; f. interfacial mass transfer at falling liquid films at walls; micro-flows: g. electrokinetic phenomena in micro-flows, h. two-phase slug flows in capillary micro-reactors (with D. Agar, BCI, TCB), i. two-phase flows within porous layers (with Daimler AG). Hereby, some of these problems are treated by extensive numerical modelling and CFD simulations. This is particularly true for the problems b-f, h, and i, while the other problems are mainly treated by analytical or experimental methods. The software platforms engaged at SM include open-source and commercial codes, namely: OpenFOAM, ANSYS CFX, ANSYS FLUENT; these software packages are installed on local workstations and desktops, as well as on our UNIX Cluster.


immersed-boundary formulation, mass-conserving level-set methods, volume-of fluid method (VOF), mass transfer at interfaces