Advanced Engineering Mathematics, WS 2015/16

Lecturer: Keith Anguige, M636 (

(22/3/16) !!EXAM II RESULTS!! For those of you who sat the second AEM exam yesterday, I now have your results. Please send an e-mail to me (quoting your matriculation number) or come to my office on Wednesday/Thursday to get your grade. Klausureinsicht will be on Thursday, 2-4pm (in my office, forgot to say).

(22/3/16) EXAM II Solutions: exam2_2016_sols, exam2_2016_sol5

(16/3/16) Any ERASMUS Students who would like their exam certificates should come to my office as soon as possible.

(22/2/16) EXAM NEWS: The date for the second exam has now been fixed: 2.45pm on Monday, March 21st, 2016 in M/E19. Registration on the BOSS system is open until 14.03.16.

(16/2/16) RESULTS!! Here is a link to your exam results: AEM results, exam1 2016 (includes Erasmus students). The first number is the mark out of 60, and the second is the grade, from 1 to 5. Grade 5 means you need a resit (see above). Otherwise, congratulations!


The second exam (which can be used as a resit) will be on Monday, March 21st at 2.45pm in M/E19. Everything up to and including calculus (i.e. Chapters 1-22) will be examined.

PAST PAPERS: The exam papers from last year (complete with solutions) are now available under Dateien


  1. Solution to Problem 6 of Exam 1: Bw_3 should be (-5,-1,-3).

  2. Solution to Problem 5 of Exam 1: in the calculation for S, -" should be -2.

  3. Solution to Problem 3 of Exam 1: after exchanging rows 2 and 3, the right-hand column should be (3,1,2)^T.

  4. Solution to Problem 1 of Exam 1: at stage 3, a transpose (^T) is missing off \tilde{S}.

  5. Solution to Problem 1 of Exam 1: at stage 1, we compute B=(A^T)A, not B=A(A^T), of course.

  6. Solution to Problem 4 of Exam 1: (ii) The first basis vector should be (8, -5, 1, 0)^T.

  7. Solution to Problem 6 of Exam 1: at the last stage of Gauss reduction, the top line should be (-1, 3, 0).

  8. Solution to Problem 3 of Exam 2: u_2 should be (2,-2,1)/3.


  • The exams will be of 2 hours duration.

  • Each will consist of 6 questions, worth 60 marks in total: 24/60 is sufficient to pass.

  • You may bring hand-written notes, but other printed materials (slides etc.) are not allowed.

  • Calculators should not be necessary, and are forbidden.

  • Please remember to bring an ID card (with photo) and a pen with you.