Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Winter 2017/2018

WELCOME to the miniwebsite of the Advanced Engineering Mathematics course. You will find the details regarding the course in the Syllabus; please download and read it.

First of all, please sign-up for the course here!!!

By signing up yourself via the given link, you will collect 2 bonus points, which will add to points you need (10 points) in order to take the Final Exam. Please, do not forget to enrol yourself for the course via TU BOSS system (if the link does not work, please copy-paste the URL into the navigation bar of your internet browser Then, you will be an official attendee of the lecture and are required to take the exams. If you are not successful with the sign-up, please send me an e-mail (ebayrakt at math. tu-dortmund. de). No worries, if you are signed-up in the list which was passed around in the class or via the provided link above, we will manage to give you a proof of your attendance and success/fail in the course.

Our miniwebsite will be regularly updated, please occasionally update yourself here; where, you will find information about schedules, exercises, helpdesk, examinations and more.

Final-Exam 2 Results

Final-Exam 2 Announcements

07.03.2018, in HGII/HS6 at 11:30 (sharp), for 2 hours.

Final-Exam 1 Results


Here you will find the most recent updates regarding our course. Please follow the announcements. Everything which is announced in the class, will be or will have already been announced here.


We will meet twice a week, and 3 hours/week are reserved for the course. Tuesday lectures start at 08:15 and Thursday lectures start at 14:00. Thursday lectures are always for 2 hours. Tuesday lectures are 2 hours in the first month (October); then, they will be 1 hour (1 hour lectures on Tuesdays start at 08:45). Nevertheless, we may later need to have 2 hours lectures on Tuesdays again; so please, regularly update yourself at the miniwebsite. Please see the Syllabus for details, e.g. lecture days and the content of the lectures.

Problem Session (PS)

There will be 2 PSs (almost) every week. Attending a PS is strongly recommended; only one is sufficient, they will be repetitive. We will present the solutions of chosen exercises, have supplementary discussions and give you a taste of numerics by applying the theory within Matlab environment.

It will be fun ;)


The attendance is not mandatory; however, there will be pop-up quizzes (see details in Syllabus)


There are no mandatory homework. To work on the assigned exercises is on your freewill and for your own benefit. Working on the exercises is strongly recommended. Please find the assigned exercises here.


  1. Take-Home Exam-I, due date: 14:00, 02.11
  2. Take-Home Exam-II, due date: 14:00, 21.12
  1. 30.01.2018, Final-Exam I, in M-E28 (Lecture-room) at 08:00 (sharp),
  2. 07.03.2018, Final-Exam II, in HGII/HS6 at 11:30 (sharp).

To see the details regarding the Take-Home Exams, please refer to Syllabus.

The exact dates of the Final Exams, we will be deciding in the lecture on 19.10.

You may take only one Final Exam unless you fail at the first one.

I strongly encourage you to take the first Final Exam; and, pass it! :) You will find the details regarding the exams and prerequisites to take the final examination in Syllabus.


You can ask questions regarding the lecture and exercises within Helpdesk.