GPGPU Workshop at ICCS 2006

Tutorial Session: Scientific Computing on Graphics Hardware

  1. General Information
  2. Abstract and Summary
  3. Course Notes and Additional Material

General Information

Date and Time

Sunday, May 28 2006, 12:00--18:00, room: A-Nike

Target audience:

Beginner to intermediate level, no graphics background required

Speakers and organisers:

Abstract and summary

The tutorial comprises two sessions. For the first session, no GPGPU experience is required, all necessary concepts are introduced without assuming prior knowledge. The second session presents techniques to improve both performance and accuracy of GPGPU applications.

Session A: Why GPUs and what can they do?

Session B: Performance and accuracy

Course Notes

Slides for each talk are available in PPS format. Microsoft Powerpoint or the freely available Powerpoint viewer are required to view these slides. The animations might look a bit weird in OpenOffice, but work in principle.

Additional Material

GPGPU in general

Similar GPGPU courses

GPGPU programming resources

Programs used in the GPGPU showcase