Lectures Including Exercise Classes

Winter term 2013/14     Uni Graz     Mathematical Training for Biologists

Exercise Classes

Winter term 2021/22     TU Dortmund     Analysis 3
Summer term 2021     TU Dortmund     Fluid Mechanics
          Analysis 2
Winter term 2020/21     TU Dortmund     Solid Mechanics
          Analysis 1
Winter term 2018/19     IST Austria     Mathematical Aspects of Continuum Mechanics (together with Prof. Julian Fischer)
Summer term 2016     Uni Graz     Analysis 2
Winter term 2015/16     Uni Graz     Analysis 1
Summer term 2015     Uni Graz     Analysis 2
Winter term 2014/15     Uni Graz     Analysis 1
Summer term 2013     Uni Graz     Linear Algebra 2
Winter term 2012/13     Uni Graz     Linear Algebra 1

Tutor for Lectures and Exercise Classes

Summer term 2012     Uni Graz     Analysis 1
Winter term 2011/12     Uni Graz     Numerical Mathematics for Teachers in Training
Winter term 2010/11     Uni Graz     Basic Principles of Mathematics

Winter Camp for High-School Graduates

02/2016     Pöllau, Austria     Supervised Project: Lagrangian Points in the Solar System
02/2015     Pöllau, Austria     Supervised Project: Shape from Shading — Reconstruction of Surfaces