Biomathematics group

The proper functioning of biological systems often depends on a tight regulation of shape and and the spatial and temporal distribution of biochemical substances.

A proper mathematical description of the underlying mechanism is challenging and their mathematical analysis leads to a variety of interesting mathematical structures and intriguing questions.

The group is in particular interested in the shape and dynamic of biological cells and the interplay with the distribution of proteins. One focus of the group is on curvature energies that are part of variational descriptions of the shape of cells. We address the derivation of such energies from micro- or mesoscale models and consider associated constrained optimization problems.

We have investigated symmetry breaking in signaling networks, transport processes in cells, and self-organization and elasticity properties of membranes.

The group aims at developing mathematical analysis approaches and at enhancing our understanding of the emerging mathematical structures. In addition, numerical simulation techniques are developed and implemented that allow to treat the specific challenges presented by biological systems.

Present and former group members

  • Professor Dr. Matthias Röger
    Head of the group.

  • M.Sc. Sascha Knüttel
    Ph.D. student. Research interests: Approximation of curvature functionals.

  • Dr. Andreas Rätz
    Privatdozent (now at Universität Düsseldorf).

  • M.Sc. Nils Dabrock
    Ph.D. student, graduated in 06/2020.

  • Dr. Carsten Zwilling
    Ph.D. student, graduated in 09/2018.

  • Dr. Keith Anguige
    Postdoctoral research fellow.

  • Dr. Stephan Hausberg
    Ph.D. student, graduated in 12/2016.

  • Dr. Martin Heida
    Postdoctoral research fellow.

  • Dr. Simona Puglisi
    Postdoctoral research fellow.

  • Dr. Luca Lussardi
    Postdoctoral research fellow.

  • Dr. Annibale Magni
    Postdoctoral research fellow.