Aktuelle Mitarbeiter der Arbeitsgruppe

  • Professor Dr. Matthias Röger
    Head of the group.

  • PD Dr. Andreas Rätz
    Privatdozent (currently interim professor at MLU Halle-Wittenberg). Research interests: Numerical simulations (FEM), phase field methods, applications from biology and materials science.

  • M.Sc. Nils Dabrock
    Ph.D. student. Research interests: Image analysis; stochastic perturbations of geometric flows.

  • M.Sc. Patrick Mrozek
    Ph.D. student. Research interests: Nonlocal perturbation of curvature energies.

  • M.Sc. Sascha Knüttel
    Ph.D. student. Research interests: Approximation of curvature functionals.

Ehemalige Mitarbeiter

  • Dr. Carsten Zwilling
    Ph.D. student, graduated in 09/2018.

  • Dr. Keith Anguige
    Postdoctoral research fellow.

  • Dr. Stephan Hausberg
    Ph.D. student, graduated in 12/2016.

  • Dr. Martin Heida
    Postdoctoral research fellow.

  • Dr. Simona Puglisi
    Postdoctoral research fellow.

  • Dr. Luca Lussardi
    Postdoctoral research fellow.

  • Dr. Annibale Magni
    Postdoctoral research fellow.