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Job opening

for a PhD student or post-doc position in Analysis, Probability or Mathematical Physics at the Department of Mathematics at the TU Dortmund starting in winter 2021.

The duration of a PhD student position is 3 years. The duration of a postdoc position is 2 years. In both cases a one year extension is possible under favourable circumstances.

Due to research funding there is a reduced teaching load. After an adaptation period it needs to be carried out in German.

An applicant with completed PhD needs to have experience in research in analysis or probability theory. A student applicant needs to have taken courses in partial differential equations and probability theory. Knowledge of physics is of advantage. Of particular interest is expertise in any of the following fields

Interested candidates with this profile should write an Email with
subject line: application 2021
to: ivan.veselic@udo.edu
and provide the following items:

Candidates with completed PhD should include additionally:

The chair of analysis, dynamical sytems & mathematical physics and the mathematics department in Dortmund provide a stimulating research environment. The department has several groups working in partial differential equations, variational analysis, (optimal) control theory, stochastic processes, random matrices, numerical analysis, finite element methods, differential geometry, and several other fields. Together with the universities in Bochum, Duisburg and Essen, the TU Dortmund comprises the University Aliance Ruhr.



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