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Numerical Solution of Differential Equations

012502, SS18
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  • Summer School, Beginn: 7.6.2018
  • M/1011 Do 10:00 2h
  • M/1011 Fr 12:00 2h
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The Differential equations which can be solved analytically are limited to those which have constant coefficients. In this lecture, we would discuss solution to those Differential equations numerically. This involves Initial Value Problem (IVP) and Boundary Value Problem (BVP). The syllabus is as the following: Introduction and examples of Differential equations which can not be solved analytically, Theory of IVP: existence and stability, One-step-method, Linear multi-step method, Numerical stability, Theory of BVP, Shooting method. Time and place for lecture: Thu. M/1011 10:00 Fri. M/1011 12:00 Please, come to the first meeting (07.06.18), we will seek lecture dates which satisfy most. If we cannot agree on other dates, the announced ones remain intact. Time and place for exercise will be announced later when the lecture starts, we will try to find the suitable time-windows in the first meeting (07.06.18).
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